Spotify Jedi Review: Real or Scam?
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I've gotten a few requests to do a Spotify Jedi review on this marketing company. After seeing their ads on Instagram, I decided to give their service a fair shot! 

First impression: 
I googled their name and was brought to their website, The site was very clean and easy to navigate. I enjoyed how they layered the information to take you from A to Z without having to search around for the information I need (you guys know how much I hate that!)

These guys seemed to make a lot of claims on their website about who they've worked with and what they do for artists. At first glance, it looks like they know what they're doing, but it's easy to make promises. Let's see what it all boils down to!

Towards the bottom of their website they had pricing tables showing the various packages they offer. The pricing was not bad at all, with their lowest packaged priced at $17. They also offered higher tier packages if you want some more bang for your buck. 

I decided to go with their 2nd to most expensive package ($59/mo Gold). This packaged promised up to 250 playlist placements with an estimated 15k - 20k plays a month. I liked how they gave me an "estimated speed" to show how many playlists I should be landing on each month. After reviewing their FAQ section, which was pretty straightforward but could use a few more details, I proceeded to my order. 

The checkout was standard and I got through it quickly. At the end of the checkout I was greeted by my favorite thing in the world, UPSELLS!! Luckily for Spotify Jedi, the upsells were very relevant to what their users would be looking for... More promo for their music.

To give a full review on their services, I decided to also sign up for a Bronze edition of both their Soundcloud and Youtube service. 

After purchasing:
After checkout I was taken to a page to submit links to my music. The submission process was simple and guided. I made sure to note everything to prepare for my spotify jedi review. 

I received a handy-dandy email confirming my order and also giving me advice on how to get the most out of their service. Things like downloading the "Spotify for Artists" application on my phone so I can see the results in real time, and even some free E-Books (not bad). 

Receiving their service:
I was very excited to see what this company could do. After reading the claims on their website and the Star-studded previous client list, my hopes are high. Their email said it could take up to 7 days to start seeing results, so I decided to binge all 10 seasons of The Office while I waited ;) 

4 days later:
My first playlist placement came after 4 days. It was a hip-hop playlist with about 12k followers. I checked my Spotify for Artists app to see the damage...107 plays! Not bad on the first day. 

5 days later:
The next morning I woke up to 3 more playlist placements, 2 of them were hip-hop, and 1 was an alternative urban playlist (weird, but the other songs seemed to fit with the "sound" of mine). The playlists were very high quality with a good engagement rate. By that night my song gained 582 new plays, each playlist providing a good amount of hits. Ok Ok, so far so good. 

I checked my Soundcloud and Youtube uploads. My Soundcloud song gained over 250 plays, however, my Youtube song had not received any new traffic yet. It had only been 5 days, so I decided to be patient. 

7 days later:
Both my Spotify and SoundCloud songs are well over 2k plays with multiple playlist placements. My YouTube video is beginning to grow and just hit 1k plays. I'm loving it so far!

30 days later:
For the sake of making this review too long, I decided to wait until the first month was over to finish this section. The final results after 30 days of marketing with Spotify Jedi are as follows:

Spotify - 14,091 plays / 27 playlist placements

Soundcloud - 8,734 plays / 16 playlist placements 

YouTube - 17,229 plays 

Final Decision:
I was pleased to do this Spotify Jedi review. To be honest, I was very surprised by the results. I've reviewed other marketing companies for you guys before and (as you know) most of them turn out to be a little iffy (*scams* cough). So for a company like this to offer their services to indie artists like myself, I think it's pretty cool. I will definitely continue using them for future projects. Great work Spotify Jedi! Ratings below. 
Website Usability (4.9/5)

Communication (4.5/5)

Services Provided (5/5)

Overall Rating (5/5)
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